[The reaction of the neuroblastoma cells in the culture on the influence of tretionine and neurotoxine]

Tsitologiia. 2011;53(5):411-7.
Magakian IuA, Karalian ZA, Karalova EM, Abroian LO, Akopian LA, Avetisian AC, Semerdzhian ZB.
Tsitologiia. 2011;53(5):411-7.
Il retinoide (tretionina) stimola la proliferazione e induce la differenziazione delle cellule in astrociti, la neurotossina (cloruro di alluminio) inibisce la proliferazione cellulare nel neuroblastoma.

Effect of the tretionine (retinoid) and aluminum chloride (neurotoxin) on the growth and differentiation of neuroblastoma cells in culture after their introduction into the medium separately and in combination was studied. The introduction of these substances creates a new information field in the medium, which becomes apparent by the reactions of neuroblastoma found on the populational and cellular levels of its organization. The presence of tretionine stimulates proliferation and induces differentiation of the cells into astrocytes. Aluminum chloride inhibits cell proliferation and enhances the process of their destruction in the monolayer. The variety of the reactions of neuroblastoma cells to the presence of these substances in the medium indicates the existence and functioning of a mechanism that selects from the information introduced only the portion which may contribute to adaptation of neuroblastoma cells to the changed culture conditions.