Neoplasie della mammella

Neoplasie della mammella

ELF magnetic fields, breast cancer, and melatonin: 60 Hz fields block melatonin's oncostatic action on ER+ breast cancer cell proliferation

J Pineal Res. 1993 Mar;14(2):89-97.
Liburdy RP, Sloma TR, Sokolic R, Yaswen P.
ELF frequency magnetic fields can act cancer cell proliferation by blocking melatonin(10(-9) M) oncostatic action.
60 Hz magnetic field

Cancer immunotherapy with low-dose interleukin-2 subcutaneous administration: potential efficacy in most solid tumor histotypes by a concomitant treatment with the pineal hormone melatonin

J Biol Regul Homeost Agents. 1993 Oct-Dec;7(4):121-5.
Lissoni P, Barni S, Ardizzoia A, Olivini G, Brivio F, Tisi E, Tancini G, Characiejus D, Kothari L.
In advanced solid neoplasms, have been associated IL-2 with melatonin (MLT)(40 mg/day orally). Objective tumor regression were achieved in 17/82 (21%) patients.
MLT / IL-2


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