Leucemie Linfomi Mielomi

Leucemie Linfomi Mielomi

Evaluation of an unconventional cancer treatment (the Di Bella multitherapy): results of phase II trials in Italy. Italian Study Group for the Di Bella Multitherapy Trails

BMJ. 1999 Jan 23;318(7178):224-8.
[No authors listed]
Di Bella multitherapy did not show sufficient efficacy in patients with advanced cancer to warrant further clinical testing.
386 patients with advanced cancer were enrolled.

Melatonin inhibits cell proliferation and induces caspase activation and apoptosis in human malignant lymphoid cell lines

J Pineal Res. 2012 Nov;53(4):366-73.
Sánchez-Hidalgo M, Lee M, de la Lastra CA, Guerrero JM, Packham G.
Melatonin could be a potential chemotherapeutic/preventive agent for malignant lymphocytes, where melatonin-induced apoptosis, melatonin can induce caspase activation independent from these receptors.
Anti-proliferative/pro-apoptotic effects.

Serum melatonin in multiple myeloma: natural brake or epiphenomenon?

Anticancer Res. 1995 Nov-Dec;15(6B):2633-7.
Tarquini R, Perfetto F, Zoccolante A, Salti F, Piluso A, De Leonardis V, Lombardi V, Guidi G, Tarquini B.
Patients with multiple myeloma showed significantly higher mean melatonin serum levels, increased secretion might be considered as a compensatory mechanism of regulating neoplastic growth.
Antineoplastic activity.


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